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Be the Director of Your Health

Take back control of how you feel!

  • Do you feel frustrated with conflicting health advice? 

  • Are you tired of constant deadlines and endless to-do lists? 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and generally burnt-out?

  • Are you feeling more tired, more of the time, and yet still seem to have trouble sleeping?

  • Are you having more and more "health niggles" ?

  • Are you a successful person, capable of setting and reaching ambitious goals and yet always seem to find your health is at the bottom of your priority list?

I can help.

Whether you are suffering with poor blood sugar regulation, digestive issues, fatigue, or struggling to lose those last few pounds, I can help. 

Together we will cut through the jargon and start focusing on how you want your reality to look, without adding even more to your to-do list. 

I use nutrition, health coaching and lifestyle advice to enable you to take those little steps towards feeling more like yourself, more of the time. 

I offer free, no-obligation 30 minute calls to enable us to go through your health goals and decide on the best way forward.

Book a free Vitality Call now to learn more and start your journey. 

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Start Your Journey

I'm Christine Farrell. I'm a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach specialising in metabolic health, energy and wellbeing. 
I work one-to-one with individuals, supporting the journey to freedom from gut issues, excess weight and low energy. I also run group programmes throughout the year on various themes. 

In addition, I assist in developing Workplace Wellness initiatives, giving talks and running wellness events in the corporate environment and at retreats.

I use the latest and best research to empower you to make healthy, sustainable and realistic changes in your life. Together, we will break your transformative journey into manageable steps. You will be prompted to define your health goals and acknowledge blockers but without being constrained by them. 

Your free time is sacred - regain your health and energy to really make the most of it.

Take the first step and book your free Vitality Call today.

How are you feeling?

Supercharge your Mood and Energy Session (Instagram Post (Square)) (A4 Document).png

60 Minute Energy Booster Session. Learn how to support energy levels fast!

Do you feel generally sluggish? 

Does your mood change from one day to the next?

Do you have constantly changing energy levels throughout the day?

If so, my 60-minute energiser is perfect for you!

We will go through your diet and I will suggest simple and effective improvements, recipes and lifestyle tips to give you a real and sustainable boost. I also include a supplement review if appropriate. 

All this for only £99!

Book now and get ready to feel the very best version of yourself!

60-Minute Heath and Enegy Review

Programmes and Packages

Designed with you, for you.

Health issues caused by poor diet and lifestyle often take years to develop, and it goes without saying that positive changes also take time and consistency to show maximum benefit. This is why I offer 6-week Programmes as standard, with longer programmes recommended for more complex concerns. My programmes vary in the length of time between appointments and are carefully planned to match the level of support you need.

Your complimentary Vitality Call gives you the opportunity to define your goals and find out how I can help you achieve them.  You can be sure that your plan will be clear, easy to follow and backed by the latest scientific research. 

All packages include:

  • Initial consultation with comprehensive health review

  • Regular progress calls

  • Health and energy reviews

  • Health coaching and support

  • Detailed review of current diet

  • Meal suggestions and recipes

  • Lifestyle recommendations 

  • Referrals to GP if required

  • Evaluation of any GP blood tests

  • Current supplement review and recommendations

  • Advice on any functional tests If applicable

Platinum package

If you thrive on maximum accountability and support, this is the package for you.

The most flexible and comprehensive programme with weekly reviews and ad-hoc support if required.

Ideal for clients who may have more complex health concerns, and those who often find themselves in situations that could knock them off track.

Gold package

This is the perfect programme if you ready to recover your energy levels and get back on top of your game, but feel fortnightly contact would suit better.

Silver package

This package includes monthly consultations and support. It is ideal as a maintenance package if you have already worked with me on one of my other packages, and just need an occasional check-in to maintain your new habits and stay on track.

Supplement Reviews

I offer 1-hour supplement reviews - just ask for further details!

Kickstarter Sessions

1-hour Kickstarter sessions are a brilliant introduction to Nutritional Therapy. I will analyse a pre-completed diet diary along with your key goals of the session, and we will dedicate an hour to go through diet and lifestyle improvements, evaluate any current supplements and make any appropriate recommendations if required. One hour very well spent!

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