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Be the Director of Your Health

Take back control of how you feel!

Be at the top of your game by seizing control of your health and energy levels.

Cut through the jargon and start focusing on how you want your reality to look, without adding even more to your to-do list.

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Programmes and Packages

Personalised Packages

Designed with you, for you.

You are unique, and your programme will be entirely designed around you.

Your free evolution call gives you the opportunity to define your goals and find out how I can help you achieve them.  

You can be sure that your plan will be clear, easy to follow and backed by the latest scientific research.

I can also offer one-off health and energy reviews to help you kick-start your journey.

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The Journey

Do you feel frustrated with conflicting health advice, tired of constant deadlines and endless to-do lists, overwhelmed and generally burnt-out?
Are you a successful person, capable of setting and reaching ambitious goals and yet always seem to find your health is at the bottom of your priority list?

I'm Christine Farrell. I'm a Nutritional Therapist who works with busy professionals who want to override the chaos to regain control of their health. Coming from a corporate background I understand first-hand the challenges and demands associated.

I use the latest and best research to empower you to make healthy, sustainable and realistic changes in your life. 
My plans are simple, targeted and effective - perfect for busy people who need short, sharp, focussed actions that work.

Together, we will break your transformative journey into simple steps. You will be prompted to define your health goals and acknowledge challenges but without being constrained by them. 

Regain your energy and health to find the fun in life again. Take the first step and book your free evolution call today.



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